Sunday, May 28, 2006

Taipei Dancing

I seem to be reliving my youth about 15 years too late and it hurts like hell! To celebrate 2 birthdays, we took taxis into Taipei on Saturday night and went to a local club called Roxy 99. Clearly I don't get out much as it was all quite overwhelming with bag searches, stamps, ID checks and staff with headsets....the music was a great mix of old and new and the drinks were very interesting - what is a "Woo woo"?. They even had Spring Bokkies..I had a blond moment when I asked what was in a Tequila Sunrise (and that was at the beginning of the evening!)
For a change, the men were fairly decent, although generally shorter (can't figure that out) but I had a great time, dancing and and laughing until 5a.m. Taiwan is very good for one's self esteem as people here don't seem to be very fussy (and they can't hold their alcohol!) The language barrier is a challenge but also means I don't have to make small talk, which suits me fine!
So now I'm lounging at home, with very, very sore knees.
I've joined an expensive gym and I've been to three yoga lessons in Chinese, which is hysterical. If I don't get what they are saying, they simply rip me into position - very, very strong boys even if they are half my size! They are really advanced and turn on these coloured lights and greet me each time - I can't do most of the positions and apparently my expressions are very funny as the instructors keep falling down laughing!!?
So that's it...BTW - I stayed at the Burning Lodge in Walvis Bay where Brad & Ange are camped out - 6 degrees of separation! I hope they redecorated 'cos when I stayed there, it was positively horrid - covered in animal print and oriental four poster beds - but I remember a cool jacuzzi!

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