Monday, July 03, 2006

A Day in Bali...

Well almost...Kim and I went off to Danshui, which is around the bay from our favourite beach, LaoMei. A pleasant air-conned bus trip (our fellow drivers are in the real Bali!) and 2 hours later...we arrived at the Danshui bus station.
Today was my first glimpse of horses/ponies in Taiwan - not very exciting.
It was mighty hot and humid so we ambled along the promenade (very touristy) and then took a short ferry ride NT18-with a a free ocean breeze- across the Danshui river to Bali. It looks like a lot of cash has been spent on developing this area and it is extremely easy and tourist friendly. Families hire bikes, tandems and bike carriages which is great but looked too hot and hard for us!
I had a small emotional breakdown when I was getting too hot and needed to stop for a/c & an iced caramel mocha frappe! Immediately!
We walked around the streets a little bit and saw great pottery and glassworks and an amazing apartment block, completely overrun by shrubbery! I was looking up at it, so everyone walking past did to - how to start a trend!

A superb day - bought some touristy gimmicks, ate the famous tall ice-creams (Not great I'm afraid!) and ended up at a magic rooftop patio. It overlooked the promenade, the sunset and the river while we drank draft beer. No one else was brave enough to sit outside - all safely inside with a/c - so we had the deck all to ourselves (except from some Boeing engineers that wanted to chat) . There was mint, rosemary, roses and a frangapani tree so I was in heaven.

Stumbled off to find deep-fried food and I had some delicious battered mushrooms and a wonton shrimp on a skewer. Kim had some deep fried dumpling thingy - we avoided the stinky tofu and squid on a stick! Are there any squid left in the ocean?

We only left Danshui at 20h45 with the wildest bus driver yet! He shaved 15 mins off the journey time, despite stopping on the side of the highway to buy dinner! Kim found it hysterical- I was petrified & very grateful that I hadn't had another beer!
So another great Sunday - yippeeee!


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