Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leos are King!

Yes, it was my 29th birthday - just one more time - last Sunday. After a hectic teaching Saturday, we trekked off to Taipei to meet at Alleycats Pizza - a divine restaurant that Sherry recommended for us! It has 'atmosphere' - something quite hard to find in a Taiwanese restaurant, red walls, mellow music with gorgeous, thin crust pizzas and great beer! So we ate, talked, laughed and drank - the usual! Then we scootered or sauntered over to Roxy 99 and got the party started! Lots of dancing until 4am and funny moments - so I saw the sun come up on my birthday and spent my day with amazingly wonderful people = who could ask for more?

Then Monday night they held a street parade in my honour....uh, NOT...actually it was the annual Keelung Ghost Festival Parade right outside my window....unbelievably loud fire crackers, cool floats, dancing dragons and some fireworks...the locals think it's boring but I thought it was cool-probably since it will only be a once in a lifetime thing for me!

So that's about it - really busy teaching the summer program everyday but the students are great so I enjoy it; learning Chinese is slow and rather heart-breaking - I just can't make some of the sounds - no matter how I contort my face! And really looking forward to a visit from Cam asap so I can take some time off.

Welcome to more new arrivals - Roxanne Kinmont and Kaden world gets fuller everyday - thank you!

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