Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ordinary days

Some funny photos of us doing the usual - looks like we really enjoy spending time interacting with each other - NOT! Kim, Sherry, Darren and me!
We found a new open air spot - on the roof of a parking arcade...very low teeny hard stools though so not very soft - the more beers the easier to get comfortable though!!!
Sherry bought this crazy coloured noodle inflatable thingy which took 3 of us ages to pump/blow up and then kept blowing away down the beach or drifting off to sea with a desperate passenger clinging's unlikely to be invited back!
Started at the gym again this week - so I hurt! - been really slack recently so when I went back, my greeting was "long time - no see!" But yoga is great - "hen hao - means very good - still not sure which is inhale OR exhale so I just breathe a lot - all the time! And never hold my breath, in case I miss the instruction to let it out! But today I did do a very good backbend all by myself - was very impressed - with myself! Well, no one else cares?!

Plotting and planning for Cam's visit - just hope the weather is vaguely decent - been grim and rainy the last couple of days :( and very excited to meet his new girlfriend - but don't tell him that!

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