Monday, October 30, 2006

Finishing off...

Thursday night was a seafood dinner with friends (where I was asked a favour - to join Kim, Sherry and Richard on a road trip to Kenting the next day!) and then Friday was Taipei day - we summited Taipei 101 (the highest occupied building in the world in the fastest elevator in the world!) and then ate di sum together - delicious!
Cam & Harriot departed very early on Saturday morning much to my dismay :( but I hope they had an interesting trip!
Midnight on Friday I slept all the way to Kenting ;0 - the furtherest southern spot in Taiwan where we beached it, ate, drank cocktails and shopped...I went on a crazy jetski ride with a local hooligan and landed in the sea a lot! Kind of like my white water rafting trip - I'm always blond & misinformed! We drove back on Monday and went straight back into the classroom...Crazy, wonderful, busy, amazing week! YIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!

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