Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend waterfalls & Pajama Parties

Yesterday we went to a waterfall instead of the beach as the weather was very unpredictable. Sherry, Kim, Xiao Pang and I walked up to a lovely waterfall in the mountains behind Lao Mei. In true Taiwanese style, we weren't the first, the last, or the only, visitors to this waterfall as paved paths and bridges had been thoughtfully provided most of the way; complete with a viewing deck at the end. I do miss the isolation found on hikes back home, the solitary spaces we are so blessed to enjoy in South Africa - here at least 50 other people had the same bright idea as us but it was still amazing to work up a sweat in such a lush, deep green, quiet place with bird's nest ferns, enormous tree ferns and bracket fungi all around us.
We were caught in a downpour on our way back down which only added to the fun and laughter & cooled us off! Xiao Pang (Sherry's black Lab) had his own backpack with water and lunch so we caused quite a stir walking along - some people amazed and others petrified!
We went to a roadside cafe overlooking the ocean on the way home (partly to dry off and warm up) so I had Rose tea and we shared a seafood hotpot - great day!
Last Tuesday, for some weird reason I can't really remember - we had a rooftop pajama party but most of us chickened out from wearing our 'real' pjs - so only Sherry and Gordon looked the part! It was the most beautiful starry, balmy night so we bought our chairs, snacks and beers and sat and chatted on Sherry's roof until the early hours with Richard, Nick, Kim, Sherry, Gordon, Honda and HowMean making me laugh hysterically as usual - was a little tired on Wednesday though!
Actually it was a busy day, as I took a walk to the local pond as well - this photo makes it look slightly more spectacular than it really is - but it is tranquil there!

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