Saturday, October 21, 2006

Whirlwind Weeks

Well 'THE VISIT' has been and gone...Cam & Harriott flew in and out way too fast! After waiting so long for their exciting arrival - it was all over all too soon! Isn't that always the case ;p!?
They arrived late on Saturday night and I meet them at the airport after a 2 1/2 hr 'trek' (I'll never complain about the JHB-airport-run again!) - but it was way longer for them I think; and after deciphering the incorrect taxi fee information , we made it home to Keelung in one piece in a big, black Merc..

Our first stop on Sunday was the Bisha Harbour close to home - where we walked through the Fish Market and were exposed to an array of smells, sights and sounds typical of Taiwan - there's a kite park outside; some triplet toddlers came up to touch and say "Hi!" to the 'foreigners' and we were stared at a lot. A long, leisurely sushi lunch was followed by a visit to the MiaoKou (Temple Mouth) Night Market - where they learnt how to push and shove their way through the crowds like locals and ate some local delicacies - far braver than me!

Monday we made it to Yeliu GeoPark [after I messed up the bus ride :( ] but it was a beautiful day! Again, Cam & Harriot tried out the dried fish products on sale which really impressed me - I'm still a woos when it comes to trying out something I don't recognise - there have been some gross attempts.

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