Sunday, December 03, 2006

26 Dec - 'TIS THE SEASON TO BE.....

--- a very different Christmas this year...we had a surprise party for Sherry's birthday on Christmas Eve - except she gate-crashed it early...we had delicious food - not a turkey or mince pie in sight; then went to a KTV (Karoake) for a few hours. It's the weirdest thing - you hire out a private room and choose songs to sing on a big screen in front of your friends. There are couches and the staff just keep bringing more food and drink. Very strange...But I did sing "It's My Life" with gusto (but no microphone) as my students were less than impressed with my Christmas carol singing so I shelved my dream of being the next Rockstar Idol. Confirms my suspicion that I was included in the choir at school because they needed more tall girls in the back row. On Saturday night we had a 'Secret Santa' party at the school with lots of pizza and KFC and noodles and strawberries and I got a beautiful scarf. Monday was a rest day for obvious reasons and I had sushi and a McDonalds McFluffy for, how things have changed.
Other than that, life ambles on - just looking forward to being back in SA and Namibia in February...will post pics of the festivities when I get them. BTW, there are Christmas miracles :)

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