Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas at KOJEN

KIDS: Justin, Cynthia, William, Selena or Sandra (twins!), Cosmo, Ruby, Jessica, Joanne and Gina with the violin.
ADULTS: James, Me, Dimitri, Gina, Carol, Amanda, Ruby, Emily, Sharon, Emily
JUDGES: Me, Nick, Darren, Phillip and Niall (teachers) with Anne (Academic Director) and Grace (Adminstrative Director) standing at the back.
All the classes have to practice singing some carols under our "direction"....shame, my students lucked out! but we still won some levels (next year I'm going to go HUGE and make sure we sweep the floor in all classes :P) - here are some pics...the judges panel in reception, M10 performing and winning and my adults in front of the tree.

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