Friday, April 06, 2007

April report

Juice table
Not that much to report actually. Came back in March to wet and rainy Keelung and my yellow margarine apartment and my students. Nothing much has changed. Been drinking, shopping and watching TV programs on BitTorrent. When the sun comes out - I'm sure we'll do more fun stuff.
...some photos of the recent weeks

Q-bar - Sherry & Doug, Kim & Gordon and Old Man Richard.

Here is some funny Chinese English ...
1. Do not take the pen apart, otherwise the paper would be not able to drawn into.
2. Please release and pull the paper gently and straightly, do not drawn too hard the paper into, it will make the aluminium to fall off.
(from a cute tourist pen I got as a gift)

and another ...

The black sugar is without the refinement pure sugar, contains the very rich mineral substance, the health does not put on weight, has the improvement angiosclerosis the function: a scrap boils a 500cc cup, because is the concentration, too is sweet may dilute, the proportion may own adjust. The refrigerator freezes may preserve a year.
(from a special ginger tea drink)

A great new vegetarian restaurant owned by a KOJEN's student's family...

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