Tuesday, May 29, 2007

wonderful week but no fish ;(

We went to a Tapas Restaurant in Taipei for Kim & Gordon's May birthdays and ate good food and drank Sangria and laughed and joked and acted silly as usual. Then off to Roxy's which was too hot and too crowded and too sweaty but we danced hard and laughed like mad and sweated lots, so it was fun. And then we came home in the early hours. And the youngest people slept.

And then.....after a few hours sleep.... I went fishing (is it still fishing if you don't catch any fish :p?) at Hoping Dao - very busy with families enjoying the tidal and paddling pools. Great to see locals actually enjoying the resources provided - it's been killer hot lately and there was no better place to be. The recently bought fishing rods were put to fine use but the fish were on vacation too! We swam and saw bright blue fish and I loved it. The sun was going down and it was almost magically beautiful. Like a movie scene. With special effects and great lighting and extras.

And then, we went night fishing at Bisha harbour. Really beautiful - with lights reflecting on the still black water and boats coming in and out and a welcome cool breeze. I could have stayed there forever. There were even some fireworks - my favourite. We ate fried rice and I watched the frustrated fishermen....and then I crashed. It was a long, tiring, fantasy, near perfect weekend...with friends and food and fish - well almost. I'm very lucky.

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