Thursday, June 21, 2007

weirder and weirder

We had Tuesday off for Dragonboat Festival which was a treat so I went down to Bisha harbour to see what it's all goes on all day and reminds me too much of the endless rowing regattas so I only stayed to take some pics.

Then I had my hair trimmed and Mum phoned with my head in the basin, and then I went to Taipei to book bus tickets to Sun Moon Lake. We are going after work on Friday for 3 nights-it's the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan - right in the centre. The towns around it were badly damaged by the huge earthquake in 1999 - I'm so excited as it looks beautiful and there are rollercoasters nearby - whoohoo! Will take loads of pics!

On the bus ride home from Taipei, I had the weirdest experience. Got one of the brand new busses which has mauve and baby blue frilly curtains on each window and TV screens to watch movies - the sound comes out of your headrest. And the movie was "Tsotsi" - The most surreal experience watching a 'local' movie with Chinese subtitles in a brothel bus with sound pumping into my ears...


Rom in Taiwan said...
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Rom in Taiwan said...

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