Thursday, July 19, 2007

DOLPHINS & .....??! - Last Sunday

So I was 'Queen of the World' here on the way to Turtle Island after waiting in the boiling sun for an hour and there is the island that looks like a turtle. And then I needed a bag - felt seasick for the first time since my Holland sailing experience. Kim was kind enough NOT to take pics of the action but she did laugh....a lot.....and tell everyone we know in Keelung.

It was an incredible trip - bus to Rueifang, a 1/2 fast-train south to Toucheng and then 1/2 walk in sun trying to find the sea and then back to train station - taxi to harbour - wait for 1 1/2hours til 12hoo boat departure then wait for more passengers til 1pm in boiling sun! Then saw flying fish - big ones and teeny tiny ones ~~~ truly incredible!!! First time I've seen them - they literally skim across the water for ages!

Then the sick part.....

But we saw Spinner Dolphins - about 100 of them! Magical - even some babies and they were spinning for us and we were the only boat for a while - I just wish I hadn't felt so ill and that I had my camera (she's still in hospital having her screen fixed after I dropped her on her head!)

It was a brilliant but exhausting day!

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