Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Australia & Singapore Holiday in November

The view of Cottesloe beach. John kitesurfing.

Swimming with dolphins. White sand and turquiose seas at Rottnest.

My trusty uncomfortable bike. The sunset view from "my" balcony in Cottesloe!

Wide open flat spaces - something I haven't seen in a while.

A regatta I chanced upon in Freo. The only live kangaroos I saw in Perth- others were roadkill :(

Every time I start having extra cash - - - I buy an airticket. This is an addiction which I enjoy but my credit card doesn't. I took 2 weeks off in November and flew to Perth to get some sun and sand and pizza. I stayed with John from varsity and his home was the most perfect location, right on the beach in Cottesloe. So mostly I walked around Kings Park in Perth, walked on the beach, did a little shopping (a very little), went to Fremantle and just generally soaked up the sun. Then I splashed out and took a ferry to Rottnest Island which is only 40 mins away from Freo. Stunning place with loads of family holiday makers and school leavers. Stayed in a grotty hostel, only one night TG, loved cycling around and snorkeling in azure water but it was damn chilly after being spoilt by the warm Pacific for 2 years. Then to further damage my bank balance I hired a gorgeous new Toyota Corolla and drove about 1000km down to the south-western area which is known for wine farms and beaches. So similar to Cape Town but the sea seems closer to the farms in Aus. Stopped in Bunbury to experience a dolphin encounter at a volunteer organisation which was magic of course. The water was choppy and chilly though so disn't have great sightings but still very special. Then carried on through Margaret River - very similar to Franschhoek but not as posh and then found my hotel. Which by pure chance turned out to be the most amazing choice. An en-suite room in a new hostel near the Prevelly Beach. Stunning and so like the Scarborough coastline (even smelled the same and the architecture of the holiday homes was almost identical!)

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