Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's been a while - did you miss me?

Stunning delicious Salt River farmer's market at ....and Scarborough Beach. I miss both.

This is what I miss most - outdoor dinners with great friends - Elsa & Russ in their stunning garden and Helen & Evan and Valentine's friends - wonderful night!

Near the Red Hill area after a fire. Solitary penguin at Boulders Beach.

One of the 10 photos I was allowed to take of the gorgeous Gilberts playing in the water...and I love this photo of Dad Costa and daughter, Gabi.

So it has been 4 months since I wrote and nothing that fun has happened. Here's just a brief run-down and some amusing things I've seen. I went home in Feb and it was mostly a sad time with some good times with friends and a little shopping thrown in. The atmosphere in SA is strange at the moment and I went to a friend's sister's funeral and my special family 'uncle Frits' died in Holland. Apparently the Year of the Rat is not good for Rats and so far.....even though I did a special ceremony to protect myself. Guess money can't buy happiness!

I've moved into a lovely new apartment in a new community and so that part is going well. I also have more challenges and responsibilities at school - I think to shut me up - you know how I cause trouble when I'm bored!

No amazing new photos really...I'll just post some from SA.

And then there's the menu - which always makes us laugh. This is from a nice hotel we found in Fulong and the food was good - just surprising - despite the English descriptions below...

"Go to a small row of the bone chicken thigh" ; "The five senses drench nine" ; "Peaceful-like seafood salad" ; "Sweet and sour apple fish willow tree" ; "The parsley fries the soft silk" ;
"Loses flavor presently fishes the small volume" ; "In the peaceful-like sauce curls" ; "The garlic explodes the lettuce vegetable".

Absolutely hysterical direct translations - anyway whatever we ordered was delicious so it worked out well.

So that's about it - will write with more happy jolly hippy stuff when it happens.

Alley in Kalk's Bay where I always end up. Fishermen and nets in Hout Bay.

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