Friday, September 01, 2006

What's up?

Temple view & Old house interior - loved that old house but a little far to commute to work!

Red Shoes & Spinning tops in Sanxia ~

All is well - spent this week moving into a new apartment - about a 20minute bus ride from school but MUCH quieter and I have a fridge, a washing machine and a bathtub - small luxuries but a treat compared to old studio!
Also linked up ADSL - so will be on-line ALL the time!
It's been hot here and now that summer classes are over - I hope to get out a bit more during the week. But I have to paint my Ultra-yellow apartment WHITER first - any volunteers.....?
Shock news is that our Academic Director (Lyon) has left his position to go back & study in Taipei so I have a new home, a new school address, a new boss and new classes - all in one week!
Spent a great Sunday in Sanxia and Yinge with a friend, Sally. We made Indigo dyed cloth at a special festival and walked around an Old Street then went to a famous ceramic area - it was great to do something cultural and really relaxed - plus I was a novelty at the Festival and all the photographers snapped me everytime I moved which was super funny!

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