Monday, March 05, 2007

Under African Skies

Misty Cliffs beach for those that know. A Chinese dragon boat at the V & A.

Vineyards at Groot Constantia and sunset at Camp's Bay.

My feet on vacation. Ladies out on the town - Robs, Me and Mel early on in the evening!
The perfect view of Table Mountain from Robben Island.
Kalk Bay harbour boats.

It was an amazing Feb in SA with family and friends...I spent less time in front of my laptop and a TV, went to bed before 12 most evenings and spent more time on the beaches, in the bush and at restaurants and playing with children. Fantastic to spend time with everyone in stunning weather (a "heat wave" according to the experts)....but since it's chilly and wet now in Keelung, I long for the sun already. I can't really explain how magic SA is - so some photos to give a hint - but strangely enough on the plane back to Taiwan, I felt I was coming 'home'. I think I've moved so many times in recent years, that perhaps 'home' truly is wherever I lay my head! It's good to be back - first day back at work today and some students seemed delighted to see me (the Fizzers may have helped) and my new shorter, blonder hair has been noted! (Damn expensive to fly back to Gavin every time I need a trim though!)

I miss all you SAfricans already but for now, I belong here, so keep reading and keep in touch!
Thank you all for welcoming me so kindly and sharing your precious time and laughs - loved every moment!

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