Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Busy busy bee

We've had some time off for Tomb Sweeping Festival and the syllabus issues that Public Holidays create so Darren, Gordon & I went to Ilan/Yilan (who knows?) by scooter. Great idea. My butt thinks otherwise :( 4 hours on the back of a scooter hurts like hell! but the Traditional Arts & Culture Centre we visited was worth it - next time the train and hire scooters there! Then Richard hosted a superb feast at his place that night - so it was a wonderful day!

Yummy food and yes that's actually me in Taiwan!

Doug arriving ...... and then Doug leaving!!!

I'm painting my apartment white - it's been butter yellow far too long already. But as always, I start with enthusiasm and then fade when it all gets too much! So my apartment is a multi-toned mess at the moment.

We also had an AirRaid drill on Tuesday which was quite exciting except it wasn't really. Taipei & Keelung shut down for 1/2 hour - no traffic, no lights - just emergency service staff practicing stuff. It was pouring with rain so I felt sorry for all the police standing in the rain - I spent the time in Starbucks so not too painful!

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