Monday, April 30, 2007

It's nearly Christmas...

...well the year is whizzing past and I want more presents...
Last few weeks of April - Kim and I took an adventurous Sunday jaunt on the Pingxi Railway line to Jingtong and the Shifen waterfall.

I love this pic..a billboard of the Lantern Festival, a camera, a scooter - very "Taiwan".

It involved an odd taxi driver, a very expensive fish lunch; less shopping than we'd wished for; 2 weddings and no funerals; lanterns big and small; a cat on a leash in a bag; a bus in the wrong direction and we never saw the waterfall - they charge an exhorbitant fee!

So here are the photos to go with the fun - I know you never read the waffle that goes with them so just enjoy the images...:p

And a few other pics of animals out on the town and in the big city...

and my favourite picture of the moment. Brilliant right?

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