Thursday, May 10, 2007

Only in Taiwan...

must be one of the strangest things I've done in Taiwan - gone shrimp fishing at 10pm!
What an experience to be invited to join a bunch of friends to fish for our own shrimps/prawns! It all happens in a big black pool of water, with a very light pole, tiny shrimp as bait on a miniature hook. Luckily I have a day job - as I caught one in 4 hours !!!! Not exactly skilled!
But then the little blighters (actually about the size of Queen prawns) are covered in coarse salt and grilled - so I ate shrimp at 2am! They were delicious - although it seems my vegetarian status is very blurred - I've gone from buying them in a box at a supermarket, to choosing them in a restaurant fish tank, to putting them alive into a hotpot - to catching them myself!!!
A steady slippery slide...oh dear :(
here are some cellphone pics to proof it...

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